Here is a list of really amazing and somewhat necessary photography gadgets that the photographers on your list probably don’t have but definitely want.


The Lomography Petzval Lens lomography petzval, petzval, photography, gifts, gift ideas, photography gifts, photographers, birthday, christmas

The 85mm Lomography Petzval lens gives you complete control over Petzval’s signature swirly bokeh. It offers a control ring with levels 1-7, giving you absolute control of how much swirly bokeh you would like in the shot. Six aperture blades are included which you slide into the top of the lens. Don’t lose them! It’s such an amazing artistic tool, I’d give my left big toe to have one of these.

You can purchase the Canon mount or the Nikon mount. This eBay seller has 100% positive feedback and offers free international shipping, which is why I chose them. I have seen some gorgeous photos taken with this lens. Try a google image search for “Petzval”. The images it produces are so artsy.

  • I do recommend looking around for the best current prices on eBay, and also making sure that what you’re buying is listed as “new” or at least close to new. Listings are always changing and being added on eBay, so just make sure you get the best deal possible!


Camera Lens Travel Mug

nikon, canon, camera, lens, coffe mug, lens mug,, photography, gifts, gift ideas

Creatively designed and not specifically for photography purposes, these camera lens coffee mugs are just necessary for every photographer! This is not an actual lens, it’s just a very good copy. The interior is stainless steel, perfect for hot beverages. These mugs are not dishwasher or microwave safe. Just rinse them out with soapy water after use to keep them in top shape.

I can’t think of a more unique gift idea for a photographer. I bet their photographer friends don’t have one! A conversation starter, for sure.

  • I did notice there are multiple companies making these now.. Be sure you’re getting what you want. Some of them say “Nican” on the lens cap instead of Nikon and Caniam instead of Canon – little things like that might feel disappointing when it arrives if you don’t read the specs 🙂 Just a tip!

Here’s a link for Nikon and Canonnikon, canon, photography, lenses, lens mug, coffee mug, gifts, gift ideas


pico, time lapse, photography, gadgets, photographers, gifts, gift ideas

Pico is a tiny smart controller for time lapse photography. It triggers your camera to take hundreds of pictures that can be assembled into a time lapse video. Pico can be programmed manually or with the smartphone app. You can choose the interval and the duration. There are advanced options including HDR and speed ramping. You plug it into your camera’s remote cord and away you go; time lapse made simple. There are many time lapse remotes out there, but this one is incredibly small and simple to use.

Time lapse photography is a growing interest among many photographers and videographers. If you know someone interested in time lapse, this is a great tool to help them out!



The Peak Design Everyday Messengerpeak design, everyday messenger, messenger bag, camera bag, photographers, photography, gifts, gift ideas

The best messenger bag ever. Co-designed by Trey Ratcliff, the messenger bag is entirely reinvented. All aspects of this bag are design marvels. It holds cameras safely and is extremely accessible. It has almost no dead space.

The Everyday Messenger are not just for cameras, it’s great for everything. It has a 15″ laptop compartment, a tablet compartment, a padded spot for sunglasses, and is brilliantly designed. The bag even has color-coded interior pockets. The green pocket is great for charged batteries or empty memory cards, and the red pocket is perfect for when memory cards get filled up or batteries lose their charge. You’ll never lose track of that again!

The everyday messenger isn’t for everyone, especially those who are wanting to travel with a bunch of lenses and will have to walk around all day, because even though the bag is quite large (it comes in different sizes) having all that weight on one shoulder for long periods of time will not be enjoyable. However, it’s great for everyday use just going out shooting.

peak design, backpack, everyday backpack, camera bag, photography, gifts, gift ideas, gifts for photographersThey also make an Everyday Backpack which has the same incredible design features and specs. It comes in 20L or 30L to fit your specific needs.

Canon 4GB flash drive usb drive, thumbdrive, flash drive, camera, canon, photographer, photography, gifts, gift ideas

A rare item, the Canon EOS 1DX 16-35 lens miniature set includes a removable lens that is a 4GB USB flash drive. It was a limited edition Canon product released (I believe) in 2015 but is still available in limited quanities on eBay.

How adorable! I’m a Nikon girl, but if I was with Canon, I would need one of these. There are generic branded ones available for different camera brands, they’re just not exact replicas with all the bells and whistles!



The Capture Pro Camera Clipcapture camera clip, camera clip, photography, photographers, gifts, gift ideas

A truly remarkable invention, the Capture Pro Clip system is an extremely sturdy clip which you attach to your bag strap or belt. Use the screws to tighten it for a no-slip grip.

It has a tripod mount which is compatible with different thread sizes (you can still use a tripod with the clip plate attached). Screw the plate into your camera’s tripod mount and then it simply slides onto the clip very easily and will only come off when the release button is pressed. The release button is lockable against theft and accidental pressing.

It’s so quick and you can carry your camera right on your body when you’re out shooting. Super convenient and keeps your hands free. It’s great for changing lenses on the fly and it can handle a very heavy setup.  Check out the video to see how it works!


6 Must-Have Photography Gadgets
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