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Adult coloring books really took off a couple of years ago. People started to realize how important it is to relax, breathe, take time out for ourselves. Adult coloring books provide a meditative escape. It’s like getting lost in a good book – the real world ceases to exist, you forget who you are, where you are, the fact that you’re hungry. It all just fades away into a blissful blackness and you become the characters in your book. Coloring is like that, too. You lose yourself in the colors, the lines, the texture of the paper.

These instructional doodle books are taking it a step further and allowing everyone to understand the basics of drawing and doodling. With so many options, there is a book suited for almost anyone’s, 20 ways to draw, transportation, doodling, sketchbook, gifts for him, gifts for her, gift ideas, father's day

Bicycle, Bicycle

Let’s start with 20 Ways To Draw A Bike And 44 Other Incredible Ways To Get Around by James Gulliver Hancock. Full of exciting modes of transportation, this sketchbook is sure to impress anyone into bikes, cars, planes, rockets, boats, submarines, buses, unicycles… You name it!


Unda Da Sea

Next up is 20 Ways To Draw A Jellyfish And 44 Other Amazing Sea Creatures by Trina Dalziel. For those obsessed with the sea and all of its incredible creatures, discovered or not, this is for you! Inside you will find jellyfish (obviously), sharks, lobsters, mermaids, turtles, and lots of other great sea critters. You can find this book here!


I Mustache You A Question

20 Ways To Draw A Mustache And 44 Other Funny Faces And Features by Cara Bean will teach you how to draw mustaches, eyes, lips, ears and expressions, as well as many other human features in different styles! Fun! Doesn’t everyone want to know how to draw eyes and faces? Click here.

20 ways to draw, mustache, gifts for her, gifts for him, gift ideas, father's day


Into The Wild

20 Ways To Draw A Tree And 44 Other Nifty Things From Nature by Eloise Renouf is a great one! Nature provides the best inspiration. In this book you will find trees, birds, pine cones, berries, leaves, seeds, flowers, logs, and many other natural treasures. You’ll feel like you’re camping out, being inspired by actual nature. Maybe you really are camping out in nature. What better place to learn to sketch? You’ll find this book here.


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It Might Make You Hungry But You’ll Never Be Bored

20 Ways To Draw A Strawberry And 44 Other Elegant Edibles by Zoe Ingram will surprise you! It’s full of all sorts
of yummy things to sketch, like meats, candies, berries, squashes, mushrooms, donuts, and many other delicious food items. For the foodie on your gift list! Buy it here. 


For The Love Of Cats!

For the crazy cat ladies (or men) there is this awesome sketchbook: 20 Ways To Draw A Cat And 44 Other Awesome Animals by Julia Kud. This one includes cats, dogs, sharks, tigers, birds, bears, lizards, hedgehogs, horses, and plenty of other amazing animals! Your recipient will never be bored again! You can buy this one here.


You’re A Star

For the space-obsessed, there is 20 Ways To Draw A Star And 44 Other Far Out Wonders From The Sky And Galaxy. Full of planets, stars, galaxies, rockets, and really cool aliens, you will find all things space-related in this sketchbook – here!

20 ways, star, galaxy, space, planets, gifts for her, gifts for him, gift ideas


There are countless other sketchbooks in this lineup and I will list a few below. They’re just so cool and I love how they create different topics for different interests. Something for everyone! Well, anyone who likes to doodle.

20 Ways To Draw A Doodle And 44 Other Zigzags, Twirls, Spirals and Teardrops by Rachael Taylor

20 Ways To Draw A Tulip And 44 Other Fabulous Flowers by Lisa Congdon

20 Ways To Draw A Chair And 44 Other Interesting Everyday Things by Lisa Solomon


20 Ways To Draw Anything!
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