about, the gift planet, gifts, gift ideasHi, I’m Briana.

One of my favorite things to do is gift research

Every Christmas season I spend hours researching awesome gift ideas for friends and family, so I started this website to save other people the hassle. Just because I like to dig around and find great gifts and cool new things doesn’t mean everyone else does. And it doesn’t mean that everyone else has the time for that!

So, I’m saving you the trouble and gathering all my amazing findings here in one place, by category. New categories will be added as I go along and collect more items.

Everything I gather on this website will either be things I want, things I have, things I have bought for other people, or things that I would absolutely buy for other people!  So you can rest assured that everything you find here has been hand-picked by me because I think it’s cool.

I am also a sucker for all things handmade, so you are likely to find really cool handmade items here. Check out the Handmade category.

Look around!


If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment!

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