Bar Snacks On A Whole New Level

A great gift idea for any man (who doesn’t have nut allergies), these liquor nutsicon are sure to deliver. The tin contains a trio of nuts (cashews, peanuts, and almonds). They are kettle cooked, steeped in alcohol and sweetened. Delish! Nuts make the best snacks.

Handmade in Pennsylvania, the cashews are steeped in Irish Stout, the peanuts in Jamaican Lager, and the almonds in Kentucky Bourbon. They sound amazing, and if someone in my household had a box of these, they would have to keep them out of my line of sight, that’s for sure.

These gems are a bit pricey, but it’s not like most of us have the resources or know-how to make them at home for ourselves, so hey! Let’s splurge.

Take Note

  • They are not gluten free
  • They are not peanut free
  • They only ship within the U.S. Whyyyy? Some of us live in Canada…

How many times have I found something so awesome that I wanted to blog about, only to find out after blogging about said item that it only ships to U.S. addresses? Too many to count.. I guess I should pay more attention in the beginning of the process. Anyway, I hope my American neighbors can appreciate this snack that I can never have… think of me while you munch away!

Leave a comment and tell me about them once you try them… describe them in great detail. Or just ask questions or tell me about your life, that’d be great, too.

Beer and Bourbon Nuts
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