Present-Day Robotics

Technology has come a long way since I was 9 years old and received my first robot dog. It was the coolest toy, but wasn’t built well and didn’t last. Twenty years later, however, technology has greatly improved and you can expect a lot more from this awesome robot – it’s everything I wished my robot dog was. He’s a great gift idea for tech-loving kids, or kids-at-heart.

What Does He Do?

The WowWee CHiP is an intelligent, affectionate robot dog and his behavior develops based on how you play with him and respond to him! No two CHiPs will be the same. He interacts with you through touch, the CHiP app and the SmartBand (included). He will also play fetch with his SmartBall. When his batteries are low, he will automatically return to his charging station (SmartBed) to recharge.

It’s like having a dog without the mess. You don’t have to feed him, walk him, clean up his poop, or replace the linoleum that he ripped up….

Click Here To Buy CHiP on Amazon

CHiP is expected to be a big seller this Christmas. Get one under the tree before it’s too late!


CHiP Robot Dog
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