The Coolest Home Gift Ideas

Home decor items can make great gifts for those whose style you have at least a brief understanding of! Sometimes people can be very particular about their “style” and the things they put in their homes but in general, most people are so grateful to receive beautiful home decor items. Sometimes these are things they won’t buy for themselves because there’s always something more important to spend their hard-earned money on, like bills, food, and too many clothes.

Whether you’re shopping for someone you love or simply looking for things to add to your own wishlist, this is a great place to start (or finish).

Let’s break it down by category, starting with funky throw pillows and blankets and leading into out-there doormats, lighting, clocks, and other really awesome finds.

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Let’s Get Cozy

I really love the following list of cushion covers and throw pillows. Some of them are made by hand and sold by Novica, one of my absolute favorite online stores. They create fair trade opportunities for artisans all over the world to sell their work far and wide and be appropriately compensated. Let’s support the people! Please note that some of these are cushion covers and do not include actual cushions. Some are actual throw pillows.

These zigzag covers are 100% cotton cushion coversicon made by hand in India. They come as a set of two. These are hand-printed with a carved wood block and feature zipper closures on the side. Free gift wrapping is available! These cushion covers measure 16″ x 16″.



How cute are these male/female chromosome throw pillows?! You can choose male or female at checkout and they are represented by pink or blue X or XY chromosomes. These throw pillows measure 12″ x 12″ and make a perfect, quirky gift idea! Great for science teachers, students, or just science lovers! There’s nothing like unique home decor items to start a conversation.





This cushion cover is handmade in Peru and includes gift wrapping from the Andes! The front and back of the cushion cover are very different, so please see pictures here. One side is sage green with earthy tones striped along one half (as shown) and the other side is a deep orange shade with some neutral shades. I really love this cushion cover. It will add a nice worldly touch to any modern home! Free gift wrapping is available for this item, too! The measurements are 17.75″ x 17.75″.




This pair of cushion covers is incredible and artistic! Handmade in Thailand, this set of throw pillow covers depicts a teal koi fish. In Thailand, koi are a sign of good fortune and represent fertility. Essentially, a good luck fish! The perfect gift for someone who loves unique items. You won’t find these at the department stores. Each set is original! These coversicon have adorable button closures. Dry cleaning recommended. These covers measure 18.5″ x 18.5″.



I’m a sucker for anything with gold foil. This set of two 100% cotton cushion covers with golden kaleidoscope print are mesmerizing. They measure 16″ x 16″ and are handmade in India. Bring a little class to the couch with these elegant and exotic throw pillow covers. They have zipper closures on the sides.





These handmade vintage camera throw pillowsicon are incredible works of art! Great for photographers, camera enthusiasts, vintage lovers, or just fun people who like unique, quirky things.  These are created from actual photographs of cameras, so they are very realistic-looking. They are then printed on cotton sateen, and hand-sewn into the shape of the camera. Have you hugged your camera today? I have a post about these here, as well as a photography category.








This heart marks the spot throw pillow is handmade in Canada by Heather Shaw and comes with a threaded needle and a red heart and star for you to sew over the exact places that mean the most to you. Maybe it’s where you were proposed to, maybe it’s where you grew up, or maybe it’s where you live now and where your best friend lives. Whatever the case, your recipient will love this personalized handmade throw pillow!icon It is made out of cotton and organic hemp. The measurements of this pillow are 18″ L x 12″ W x 5″ H. Handwash, hang dry.


Get cozy with this merino wool blanketicon handmade by Alexandra Ferguson of New Jersey.”I Love This Place” is in the bottom corner of the throw. Let it pull you onto the couch with a good book and a cup of tea. This blanket is for relaxing and being in your happy place, and it’s okay to stay there as long as you like. The blanket measures 50″ x 60″ and is machine washable. Make sure to tumble dry thoroughly.


Fun Doormats

“The Neighbors Have Better Stuff” doormat. If this funny mat doesn’t deter robbers by appealing to their sense of humor then I don’t know what will. Make your guests laugh when they come for a visit, and trap that dirt in the mat and leave it outside. This mat is sturdy and meant to be outdoors. It shakes clean quite easily and can also be sprayed off with a garden hose. Its materials are coir, vinyl and enamel and it measures 30″ x 20″.  You can find this doormat and other fun doormats hereicon.


This animal print maticon is printed with vegetable based inks and is best suited for protected conditions, either inside the door or on a covered porch. These footprints, paw prints, hoof prints etc. are actual size! Welcome to the animal kingdom, where everyone is welcome. I especially like the partial elephant print. Can you guess which animals these all belong to? I can’t. This mat measures 18″ x 30″ and is 1″ thick, so make sure there’s enough clearance for the door to open.



Seriously Cool Lighting

This glowing handmade plant nightlight is gorgeous! It reminds me of Avatar. Unfortunately it only ships within the U.S., so I can’t have one. Sad face. But if you’re in the U.S. you’re in luck. The designer, Mariana Folberg, is continuously inspired by nature and how perfectly everything works together. She sculpts the intricate leaves by hand, engraves them, and uses heat to shape them into perfect foliage. The low-heat bulb is hidden within the clay pot and an ambient glow is reflected in the leaves. At the time of writing this article, there is only one left available but I had to include it for obvious reasons. What? Click Hereicon.



This vintage inspired cinema lightbox is the coolest thing since the above plant light. This lightbox comes equipped with 140 pieces of letters, numbers and symbols, so you can spell out just about any inspiring phrase or words of encouragement you can think of. Unfortunately, this does not ship outside of the U.S. either. There must be some rules about lighting at customs. Regardless, I’m including these items in this gift ideas list because they’re really cool.icon


It’s Exactly That Time

Here is a clock designed by Italian industrial designer Sabrina Fossi. The clock breaks the rules of conventional clocks and doesn’t have an hour hand. Instead, the clock features a mask that hides all the times that it isn’t! Clever. So if it’s 1:40, the 1 will be uncovered and the minute hand will be in the 40 position. Great concept and I love the design.

Her studio produces quality Italian handcrafted home products. This clockicon requires one AA battery which is not included.

You can have prints made of your best photos and it’s far easier and less expensive than you might think. If you follow the link provided, you will be taken to EZPrints, a website specializing in photo gifts of all kinds. Mugs, prints, canvases, panoramas, pillows, boxes, calendars and many other photo memory gifts! It’s easy to use and they promise to make it right.


I hope you’ve found some good ideas for gifts in this list. Let me know in the comments what your favorite things are from the list. Questions? Leave them below!

Fun Home Decor Gift Ideas
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2 thoughts on “Fun Home Decor Gift Ideas

  • May 18, 2017 at 5:45 am

    Oh wow…great recommendations! I would be so happy to receive any of those as gifts. One of my favorites is the Vintage Camera Throw Pillows. I think it’s really fun and retro chic too! I love the Handmade Plant Nightlight too.. it looks so real and with the light, I can say that I got those from Pandora (from the movie Avatar). 🙂

    • May 18, 2017 at 9:17 pm

      Hi Alex, I’m glad you enjoyed the list! It’s always nice to find things to add to your wishlist. Then, when people say “Hey, what do you want for Christmas?” You actually have an answer. It’s also nice to look around a bit and gather ideas for other people so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute to make them feel special and thought of! Thanks for stopping by The Gift Planet!


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