Exceptional Handmade Gift Ideas For Him!

Shopping for men can be tough, but we’ve compiled a great list of items for men with taste who care about supporting the people and communities of the world. All items in this list are fair trade and support the designers and artisans who create them. You can rest assured that you are helping real people when you purchase items from this list. Many of the items in the list are from Novica, which is a company devoted to selling fair trade items from all over the world. They are all about supporting the planet’s artisans; therefore, I am all about supporting them!


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Handmade Peruvian Sweater

These sweaters are hand-knitted in Peru by very skilled artisans. Novica has partnered with Indigenous Designs to bring fair trade, naturally dyed and organic clothing items from Peru to the rest of the world. The makers receive fair compensation for their hard work and you receive clothing made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The sweaters are “designed for casual elegance” and knitted with organic cotton. This particular sweater comes in three colors: charcoal (pictured) L and XL, dark brown L and XL, and warm beige M, L and XL. This sweater is perfect for great men with great taste.



Handmade Leather Wallet

The next item is a really great leather wallet designed by Ricardo Hinojosa of Mexico. The wallet is a great little companion, with a removable card case that slides into one of the main flaps. The removable card holder has three card slots on each side, for when you don’t want to take your whole wallet skydiving, traveling, or otherwise engaging in adventure. Designed with versatility in mind, this wallet is both practical and beautiful. Simple yet luxurious.




Personalized Whiskey Barrel

The handmade, personalized whiskey barrel is the perfect gift for the whiskey-loving man in your life. This home distillery is a great way for him to add a personalized touch to his favorite whiskey. The small oak barrels accelerate the aging process and allow the whiskey to reach peak flavor up to ten times faster. Make sure he reads the instructions and cures the barrel for three to five days prior to use. He can turn the barrel and do weekly taste tests until he is satisfied with the flavor. Then, he can enjoy a glass straight from his own whiskey tap! Personalize the names and phrases on the barrel.

The barrels can be purchased in a number of different ways; a 2L barrel and stand, a 5L barrel and stand, or a 2L barrel and stand with two sets of whiskey and rum essences, paper funnels and a cleaning kit, or the 5L barrel and stand with five sets of essences, cleaning kit and paper funnels. Prices vary depending which option you choose. What a great gift! He will love it.


Handmade Guatemalan Sweater

This sweater was designed by Luisa Villavicencio of Guatemala. Luisa’s family is involved in the whole process of making the clothing items – from growing and cultivating the cotton to weaving it into apparel. They cultivate cotton in four different colors and no dyes are used in any of their clothing, which is actually remarkable. These sweaters are made with the utmost care. Look at those buttons!


Unique Artisan Decor


Painting Of Guanabara Bay

Who doesn’t love art? This is a beautiful original paintingicon by Brazillian artist Leander titled “What a City! II” It is a great piece to hang in any room! The painting depicts Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf Mountain. The tiny twinkling lights of Rio de Janeiro stretch along the water’s edge in this lovely work of art. It does not come framed or stretched. It is an original and the buyer will need to take the canvas and have it framed, unless they are able to do it themselves. This painting measures 43″ x  27.5″.


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Meteorite Cufflinks

These incredible cufflinksicon are handmade by Andrea Vidmar in Nevada. She literally makes jewelry out of shooting stars. Welcome to Earth, space rock! Give him a piece of a shooting star, thousands of years in the making. Doesn’t that make you feel small and insignificant? They are really beautiful pieces, and so much more interesting than your average cufflinks; these ones tell a story. Materials used in creating these cufflinks: Sterling silver and meteorite. This is also a great gift idea for “have-it-alls”.


Abstract Gray Dimension Painting

Here is another incredible artwork, this one from artist Ketut Putra art, canvas, original painting, gifts for men, gift ideas, fair tradeYasa of Indonesia. This is titled “Gray Dimension” and is also an original. Art gives insight into how an artist perceives the world, and the magic happens when other people relate to it. This canvasicon does not come stretched or framed, so the buyer will need to take it and have it framed (or do it themselves). This gray background with multicolored layers over top is a super interesting abstract painting, with a color palette that will go with many different interiors. This painting measures 31.5″ x 23.5″.




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 Handmade Leather Bracelet

This bracelet is a great addition to a man’s wardrobe. Made of leather and available in three colors; black, brown, and tan (pictured). These bracelets are handcrafted by Gill Quarcoopome of Ghana, Africa. I’m sure you know a man who would sport this cufficon. Get him one in every color and help the people of the world!



Zebrawood Desk Clock

This unique, small 6″ x 2.4″ zebrawood desk clockicon is handmade in Iowa by John and Mark Schlabaugh. Beautifully designed, it’s sure to make an impression and bring life to any boring desk. If he has to sit at his desk all day, he might as well have something interesting to look at. Let’s face it, most of us are looking at the clock every 15 minutes to see how much time we have left until home-time. To adjust the time, simply remove the timepiece and turn the knob.

Scratch Maps!

A great gift idea for the travel-minded man. He can scratch off the countries he’s been to, revealing the colorful map that lies underneath. He can keep track of where he’s been and where he’s going with this scratch mapicon with additional geographical factoids at the bottom. The black and gold design is great, but scratching it off to reveal bright colors is somehow rewarding. I’ve been there.. and there! Get him goin’. It will make him want to keep traveling so he can keep scratching. This item is not handmade but it is made from 100% recycled paper label stock.



We hope you enjoyed this post and found some gift ideas for the man you’re shopping for! Leave us your questions and comments below! Happy shopping.

Gifts For Him – Fair Trade and Artisan Made!
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