Happy Birthday, Introvert!

How do you say Happy Birthday to your introverted friend in a unique, funny way while softly making fun of them? With THIS hilarious birthday card I found on Etsy, of course. introvert, gift ideas, gifts, etsy, birthday card, cards

The card reads, “Happy Birthday to my favorite introvert. Hopefully everyone leaves you alone so you can enjoy it”

HAHA. I actually laughed out loud. But seriously, how perfect is this? Now I will probably receive this card for my next birthday.

Here’s the link to the rest of Alisa Bobzien’s Etsy Shop. She has a lot of other awesome cards, too, like this one that says, “Official Permit To Hermit“, which is great for an introverted friend or someone going through hard times and in need of some alone time.

Enjoy!hermit, introvert, etsy, gifts, gift ideas, funny



Introvert Birthday Card
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