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Looking for gift ideas for men who love beer? Check this out! Handmade in San Fran Sisco by David and Christopher Steinrueck, this gem is sure to deliver.

Made out of reclaimed walnut wood, stainless steel, and earth magnets, it can hold up to 30 bottle caps from your favorite capped drinks. As such, It can be placed on the fridge or mounted on the wall (hardware included). Your choice!

This magnetic wall-mounted bottle opener ensures that those pesky bottle caps won’t go flying all over the floor. The only thing worse than stepping on one of those is stepping on a Lego block, and every beer drinker will appreciate the thought you put into protecting their feet.

Handmade gifts are the way to go. If I can’t make something myself, I usually try to buy something that someone in the world made because it’s nice to support actual human beings. You know, when it’s convenient.

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Magnetic Bottle Opener
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