Finding gifts for women isn’t always the easiest thing; there are so many different types of gals out there! Here is a great gift for ring-wearing women everywhere.

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moonstone ring set

This beautiful moonstone ring set from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Luxuring, is an amazing gift for anyone with a special affinity for gemstones, spirituality, crystal healing, or just beautifully dainty rings.

Each ring is handmade and can easily be customized with drop down menus offering yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. You can also choose your desired texture!  -Flat hammered (pictured above), smooth and shiny, stardust brushed, or tree bark.

About Moonstones

Moonstones are beautiful semiprecious stones that shimmer in varying colors. They are commonly known as the psychic stone, enhancing psychic abilities and intuition. They are also stones of protection and feminine energy.

If you’d like to take a look at this moonstone ring set or other ring sets from this magnificent shop, click here!

Moonstone Ring Set
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