Moonstone Magic

Moonstones are well known for being a very spiritual stone, increasing intuition and clairvoyance, and encouraging emotional healing and well-being. The stone is strongly associated with feminine energy, and is a positive force for both men and women. Moonstones are associated with the crown chakra, which is our gateway to the Universe and infinite knowledge and wisdom. For some, the sheer beauty of a moonstone is enough. Light reflects inside the stone in subtle, colorful ways.

The following jewelry is all handmade and fair trade, allowing artisans from India to sell their works and receive appropriate compensation. They are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The prices vary slightly, some of which are exceptional! Novica is a company associated with National Geographic. They sell extraordinary handmade jewelry and home décor items from around the world. You can find something for everyone at Novica. Just in time for Mother’s Day!

Moonstone Bracelets

Check out this gorgeous moonstone and sterling silver bracelet. It was hand crafted by an Indian jeweler in a traditional manner and features floral designs inlaid in the silver, spaced between three nicely sized moonstones. This braceleticon comes at an excellent price! Get it for mother’s day, there’s still time!


Next is this beautiful cuff braceleticon with one large moonstone in the center, and two small garnets adorning each side. This cuff is also handmade out of sterling silver, natural rainbow moonstone and garnets. This is one gorgeous bracelet and any moonstone lover will appreciate this gem. Pun intended!


This moonstone cuff is beautiful and intricately designed. Little swirls adorn the sides of this cuff, surrounding a rainbow moonstone in the center. A great piece for any wardrobe!


 Moonstone Rings

This ring is glorious! A big statement piece for big personalities. The Moonlit Charm cocktail ring iconlooks like it contains a lot of power, and probably does. Let the light dance off your ring and put onlookers in a trance.

Artisan Jewelry Designs


The simplicity of this moonstone ring really makes the stone stand out. There is nothing distracting about the minimalist design, allowing  the main attraction to be the stone itself! Handmade with sterling silver and a big rainbow moonstone. What a great gift… for me!


The following ring is different than the others in that it comes from Bali! This one is a little more artsy/bohemian style and is a square shape as opposed to oval. Ovals are a really common shape for moonstones (which I love) but seeing something different like this is refreshing. Handcrafted and oxidized, this ring is a beauty. That detail is so intense; imagine the patience and focus you would have to have to create something like this. Click here to buy it!


Moonstone Necklaces

This gorgeous necklaceicon would pair nicely with either of the above oval rings. I love the simplistic design of this necklace. It’s intricate and feminine, yet simple and tasteful. This elegant necklace is made with rhodium plated sterling silver showcasing a beautiful moonstone. The chain is 16.5″ long. This pendant is appropriately named ‘flirt’.


The following necklace is a handcrafted 22k gold rainbow moonstone. The necklace is 22k gold plated sterling silver for my fellow gold lovers out there! The chain is 17.75″ in length. You can find your soul by staring into this beauty, guaranteed – that’s not a money back guarantee, just my opinion! This is another simplistic design allowing the moonstone to be the center of attention. It can easily be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a more casual look. Perfection!


This exotic-looking necklaceicon has a timeless appeal to it. Look at those intricate, handcrafted details in the silver surrounding the oval moonstone. This pendant bares a strong resemblance to a moonstone ring that I have which is my favorite piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned. This piece is mesmerizing! The chain is 18″ long.

The amount of gorgeous moonstone jewelry available is astonishing, but to find real handmade, quality fair trade items like these is what really makes me excited! There are plenty of really nice pieces that I couldn’t include in this article because it would go on for, literally, ever…. So have a look at all the moonstone jewelry here!

Please comment below to let me know what you think of this handcrafted moonstone jewelry!

Moonstones: Gifts From The Universe

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