Cordless Charging

Once in a while, we come across something on the market and wonder to ourselves, “why didn’t I think of that?” You will never have to worry about forgetting your charger again, because you’ll be buying one for yourself, as well.

Check out this protective phone case with a built-in plug on the back. If there’s a plugin handy, you don’t need a charging cord. It folds flat when not in use. This case is excellent for travel and even overnights.

It’s a must-have gadget for everybody! Mom, dad,¬†student, techie, non-techie, have-it-all, know-it-all …. Okay humans in general will love this. Unfortunately, it’s micro USB only for now but this is the future of phone charging, so just wait.

It includes a detachable backup battery, a micro USB power and sync cable, an audio adapter, and a user manual. What a great invention!

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Prong Wall Charger Case
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