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These hand-blown glass globes are truly remarkable. Inside, you will see trees as unique as the ones found on Earth, and as individual as your relationships, emotions, and changing seasons. Hanging these glass globes by a window really helps to create a tranquil, happy environment. Made in Canada by Stephen Kitras and created with love and passion, these beautifully intricate glass objects are his life’s work and make great gifts for family and friends. There are several collections to choose from, which will be listed below starting with:


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The relationship tree globesicon include family, friendship, motherhood, fatherhood, sisters, and brothers.

Familial ties are forever. Let your family members (and really good friends) know how much they mean to you. These hand-blown glass tree globes are a unique representation of your relationships – each one is completely one-of-a-kind. My best friend gave me a ‘friendship’ tree globe a few years ago and it is one of my most cherished gifts I’ve ever received. In fact, I don’t know if she even knows how much I love it!



The wishes globes include peace, love, happiness, and remembrance. Let these sentiments hang in the air (pun intended) and inspire you with positive vibes! The way light filters through colored glass has a way of invoking emotions in us, the same way music does. Is that why churches are filled with stained glass windows? Deep question of the day.

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The renewal globes are great reminders of what’s important. The trees of passion, creativity, and rebirth inspire us to follow our dreams and live passionately, never stop creating, and to accept the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. With hardship comes renewed strength, added wisdom, and newfound peace, allowing creative energy to flow through us like life itself.

Four Seasons

The changing seasons are worth celebrating! Not everyone lives in a place where seasons even exist., so those of us who do should be grateful. These four-seasons globesicon are sure to inspire happy feelings whatever the time of year. Spring, summer, fall, and winter are represented perfectly inside these gorgeous glass globes. GGG. Give someone the gift of their favorite season! four seasons, seasons, glass globes, gifts for her, gift ideas, handmade


Check out the Display Stands, also by Stephen Kitras, for those who would rather have a nice display than hang it by a window. 



As inspirational as all of the previous globes have been, the following are specifically designed to inspire gratitude, encouragement, knowledge, and luck. And they don’t disappoint! Look at those colorful trees. The idea is to be able to look at it, maybe hold it, and deliberately feel those feelings of gratitude, feel those feelings of “I’m lucky today” Feel encouraged to achieve your goals, get out of bed in the morning, inspiration, glass globes, glass tree globes, handmade, gifts, gift ideas, gifts for her, gifts for mom, gifts for dadcomplete a big project. Life isn’t always easy, and we could all use a little encouragement! Basically, the inspiration globesicon are here to insist that you be mindful and deliberate, and realize that your emotions create your reality.






Do you already have one – or six? Let us know what you think of these in the comments!

Recycled Glass Globes
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